All-22 Review: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

In this week’s segment of All-22 film reviews, I break down 4 plays from the Week 13 game vs. the Arizona Cardinals.  Let’s get into it…

Desean Jackson 14 yard Bubble Screen

This first play comes from the first drive of the second quarter for the Eagles.  On this play, Jackson, Brent Celek, and Zach Ertz are going to be out wide to the right, with Celek and Ertz set up as blockers for the screen pass to Desean.  Here is the diagram of the play.01

As you can see, the numbers for the screen pass are in the Eagles’ favor.  They have 3 receivers to the right, and Arizona has only 2 defenders.  Celek and Ertz are going to lay good blocks on their men, springing Jackson for a 14 yard gain.  Here is the play in motion.
Desean Jackson bubble screen on Make A Gif

Riley Cooper 24 yard reception

This play came later in the 2nd quarter, and it’s a play we’ve seen before with similar success.  Here is the diagram of the play.01

McCoy is going to come across Foles for the handoff, but Foles reads the weakside safety creeping up to the line of scrimmage, leaving Riley Cooper single covered as he runs a curl route.  Foles pulls the ball back and fires it out to Cooper.  The pass is high, but Cooper bails Foles out with an amazing one-handed grab, makes the cornerback miss, and takes this play for a 24 yard gain.  The Eagles ran this same exact play against Tampa Bay a few weeks back and turned it into a 40+ yard gain.

Here is the play in motion.
Riley Cooper Curl Route on Make A Gif

Nick Foles 9 yard read option keeper

This play came on the first drive of the 3rd quarter that lead to the touchdown that gave the Eagles a 24-7 lead. Here is the diagram of the play.01

The Eagles are set up for the bubble screen on the left side of the field, but the Cardinals have 3 men on that side and have it covered.  McCoy comes across for the handoff, but the unblocked outside linebacker (John Abraham) crashes in on McCoy, leaving the outside wide open for Nick Foles to run. Jason Peters does a great job on this play of getting to the second level and putting a good block on Karlos Dansby, guaranteeing that Foles will have a comfortable running lane on this play.

Here is the play in motion.
Nick Foles Read Option on Make A Gif

Zach Ertz 24 yard TD reception

This play gave the Eagles a 24-7 lead early in the third quarter.  The Cardinals are in a zone defense on this play.  Ertz is going to run a deep post route, and be 1 on 1 with safety Rashad Johnson.  Here is the diagram of the play.01

Ertz does a great job of selling the corner route, drawing the safety away from the middle of the field just enough to make Foles’ job a little easier.  This play is a textbook anticipation throw by Nick Foles.  As you’ll see from the clip below, as Nick Foles releases the ball, Ertz is just starting to make his cut.  Foles throws the ball with perfect accuracy, hitting Ertz right in stride on the post route, and with perfect timing as Johnson can’t get there in time to make a play on the ball.  Here is the play motion.
Zach Ertz TD on Make A Gif
That’s it for this week’s All-22 review, see you next time!


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