If Jason Peters can’t go on Sunday, Allen Barbre is More Than Ready to Step In

During the first quarter of the game against the Packers, All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters had to leave the game with an injury.  He tried to come back in to the game, and on his first play back, he injured his leg and was out for good.

Enter Allen Barbre.  An unheralded journeyman lineman on his third team in five years who has started only seven games in his entire career.  But none of that mattered on Sunday.  On Sunday against the Packers, he filled Peters’ shoes and then some.  Aside from an early holding penalty call on a Byrce Brown run, he played an excellent game.  He did not get beat once in pass protection, and he made some monster blocks and showed a mean streak in the run game, including multiple plays where he pancaked Clay Matthews, putting him on his back.  Here is a look at some of his key blocks this past Sunday:

His first play of the game was where Nick Foles hit Desean Jackson for a 55 yard touchdown (Foles got a lucky bounce on this play off of the defender but that’s neither here nor there).

Here is a look at the formation from behind the line. Barbre is circled in red

 photo 01_zpsa6b4b716.jpg

Barbre is going to start out this play by double teaming #96 Mike Neal.  But then watch as he locates the safety, #43 M.D. Jennings blitzing from the outside and quickly moves back to shove him downfield, allowing Nick Foles to step up in the pocket and deliver his throw.

XUjRwF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

In this next play, Barbre puts a great block on outside linebacker Clay Matthews, allowing LeSean McCoy to get to the outside and turn the corner.  In this play the Eagles came out in an unbalanced line, and have Barbre lined up on the right side of the ball as a tight end outside of right tackle Lane Johnson.

 photo 01_zpsa457d171.jpg

And here is the play in motion:
tylUe8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

On this running play, Barbre is going to start out with a double team on outside linebacker #53 Nick Perry.  He then quickly gets off the block and heads upfield to put a hat on cornerback #38 Tramon Williams, shoving him back a good 5 yards and opening up a hole for McCoy to run behind for a 7 yard gain.

 photo 01_zpsa19293a7.jpg

E_XvNk on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

These next two plays are just silly. In the first run, he throws outside linebacker Nick Perry to the ground on an outside run, allowing Byrce Brown to get to the sideline and turn the corner.  The Eagles are again in an unbalanced line with Barbre lined up as a tight end on the right side of the line.

 photo 01_zps23b29143.jpg

Look at how he finished his block on this play as he throws Perry to the ground.
zWB89Z on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

And on this play, watch how Barbre throws Clay Matthews to the ground like a rag doll as Nick Foles scrambles downfield.  Matthews had to play the game with 1 hand completely taped up like a club, but 1 hand or not, that is a 250 pound 4 time pro bowler that Barbre is tossing around.
GhUk04 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

So have no fear Eagles fans, if Jason Peters can’t go this Sunday, we are in good hands with Allen Barbre.



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